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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Spiritual Direction?

A: Spiritual Direction is a graced way of serving another believer by helping notice where and how God is moving in one’s life. The focus of a direction session is on the directee’s experience of God and facilitation of communication with God. Trained spiritual directors have a background in ministry, communication skills, personality dynamics, and various resources in prayer, spirituality, and scripture. While some spiritual directors may be trained as pastoral or psychological counselors, problem solving or therapy is not the focus. Both director and directee agree to meet regularly to pay closer attention to God. 


Q: What is Group Spiritual Direction?

A: In group spiritual direction small groups gather in a prayerful atmosphere on a monthly basis to talk about their personal spiritual journey and to assist one another in discovering God in their daily lives. The heart of group spiritual direction is prayerful sharing. This small spiritual community discerns together and offers consistent intercessory prayer for each other. Silence, prayerful listening, a commitment to regular spiritual practice, a willingness to share one's spiritual longings, and regular attendance at monthly meetings are key elements in the process. Sessions run from September through May and include a brief check-in time, opening prayer, an opportunity to share while others listen attentively, compassionate feedback, and closing prayer. Seekers from all faith traditions are welcome.


Q: What is Pastoral Counseling?

A: Pastoral Counseling is a ministry of counseling individuals, families, and couples. It can help with relational issues, psychological and spiritual struggles such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, unhappiness in relationships, questions of mid-life meaning, and the healthy development of children. Pastoral Counseling is informed by modern psychology and theology, and includes educational events that deal with both the psychology and the theology of human relationships.


Q: What are Individual Guided Retreats?

A: Spiritual Director Carol Ludwig offers individualized, guided retreats for people seeking to enhance their spiritual journey. Duration is usually three days, but longer periods are available for those with sufficient time to savor this special graced period. If you are interested, please call the Center at 567-1233 for further information on timing and donations.