Center for Spiritual Care

Integrating Body, Mind, Spirit & Creativity


Our Mission
To provide individual and small group spiritual and holistic growth experiences leading to personal clarity, emotional empowerment, freedom and authenticity.

We Do This in an interfaith setting, through spiritual direction, psychological counseling and programs and services that strengthen the relationship between body, mind, spirit and creativity. For details of our day-to-day offerings, click here.


Our Primary Focus Areas include Spiritual Nurturing and Psychological Development. In addition, we feature the following:

Body Work Various therapeutic techniques help restore health and balance to the entire person. Massage therapists, yoga teachers, reflexologists, reiki masters and medical hypnotherapists provide services to help people embody their spiritual and psychological aspirations.

The Arts and Creativity Respected artists in many fields provide both quiet and lively creative environments that allow people to experience deep insights, empowerment and freedom. We offer Icon Writing workshops, spiritually-themed art exhibits, the Artists Way and a variety of hands-on workshops.

Our Lecture Program provides qualified speakers on a regular basis to discuss body, mind and spirit integration as well as the spirituality of different faith traditions, for example: the Tao, Celtic spirituality, Zen, and Ignatian spirituality.

Our Lending Library is a place to refresh your mind with the classics and contemporary thinking about spirituality. We have more than 1,675 volumes and audio and video resources.

Our Meditation Garden is a place to refresh your spirit in nature. It’s centrally located in old downtown Vero Beach. You are welcome to come and sit amidst the birds and the butterflies at your convenience.

Our Program Rooms are available for Rental for your meetings, gatherings, workshop and classes (Download the rental agreement/application)



As you know, the Center survives through the commitment and generosity of our members.  We’re counting on you more than ever to help ensure that our programs and services continue to flourish during the COVID-19 pandemic on Zoom and -- to the extent possible -- in house.  Your annual membership dues are one convenient way to do that. Take a moment to renew your membership now at whatever level feels appropriate for you.  We deeply appreciate the assistance you offer the Center, and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming programs when we are able again to meet regularly on site at the Center. 



Seeds of Change Lending Library

More than 50 friends of the Center gathered in several Zoom circles in 2020 and 2021 to read and discuss titles they chose themselves about systemic racism and ways to open paths to greater racial unity and harmony.  This popular circle seemed to be answering a need.  A number of readers were moved by the experience to undertake action to do what they could personally to effect change.  As a result, several are now involved as volunteers and mentors in the community.  The books, which sparked intense discussion among participants, have been gathered in a special collection in the Center’s library and are available for loan.  Call us at 772-567-1233 to arrange an appointment to come in and browse.

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Art at the Center

New Year's Eve Party and Exhibit Opening, Friday, Jan. 6, 5-7 p.m.   Join us for a toast with your friends and meet artist Steve Bradbury, a fascinating artist who brings a uniquely contemporary approach to capturing Florida’s sky, sea and landscapes.  A grad of New York’s Cooper Union, Steve taught literature for 20 years at a Taiwanese university while perfecting his art skills with local classical Chinese painting masters.  The resulting style perfectly blends a momentary insight from nature with the atmosphere that created it.  Florida seldom has looked either as mystical or as enchanted as it does in Steve's drawings.  Come see for yourself.

More Great Art to Follow!
      While December at the Center is filled with great art, there’s even more to come. January will bring us the exceptional drawings of Steve Bradbury, a remarkably sensitive chronicler of nature whose classical Asian influence is unmistakable. Bradbury is perhaps better known as an interpreter of contemporary Chinese poetry, having won the prestigious PEN Award for Poetry in Translation in 1921 of Taiwanese writer Amang for her book, Raised by Wolves: Poems and Conversations.  The Laura Riding Jackson Foundation will have local poets study Bradbury's nature studies during the month to create poems about their meaning.
      In February, Susan Hale brings her delightfully accessible abstracts to the Center. Jill Kerwick then returns for her second solo show in our space after an extremely busy schedule of exhibitions at museums and galleries in the Northeast over the past two years. And finally, the husband-wife team of Sharon and Sean Sexton bring their highly individualistic paintings to our walls in April. You won’t want to miss any of these shows or their artists. Meet them in person at our First Friday receptions from 5-7 p.m.

Center forges partnership with Treasure Coast Girls Coalition (TCGC)!

In 2021, the Center began a partnership with the non-profit Treasure Coast Girls Coalition (TCGC), which works with economically deprived girls ages 9-18 in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, through after-school and summer  programs. The TCGC provides girls equal opportunities to pursue and thrive in STEM/STEAM careers which helps to narrow the gender pay gap, enhances economic security, and ensures a diverse and talented workforce. In addition, they teach digital technology and emotional intelligence to girls who attend Title 1 schools in Indian River County.

To keep the dream alive for these young women, they need critical support.  They are looking for volunteer mentors and educators as well as donors who can offer financial support. Please consider visiting their website at for more details and to make a tax-deductible donation.