Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Care in Vero Beach Florida


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If you miss our sign as you pass by the Center for Spiritual Care, you might assume we are simply another snug home and garden in the balmy seaside town of Vero Beach, Florida.

That’s fine with us, because we think of our Center as an oasis of calm and tranquility in a sometimes beleaguered world. It is a place where people come to reflect and, sometimes, to find themselves.

The Center was founded as a 501(C)(3) non-profit in 2000. From the beginning, we have provided a safe, inter-denominational, interfaith space in which to nourish the spirit, energize the mind, clarify the emotions and heal the body.

Over the years we have journeyed with scores of clients in spiritual direction and trained dozens of spiritual directors and others in the Enneagram. We introduced Taizé prayer to the community. We helped many get in touch with their own creativity through the Artist’s Way, and established icon writing (painting) here as a meditative practice. We served as a meeting ground for prayerful knitters, Buddhists and the Society of Friends. We provide a continuing cycle of seminars, workshops, lectures and exhibitions as well as private and small group study and counseling sessions. We are not a church, although we work with local clergy and are part of the Vero Beach interfaith Ministerial Group.


As you scroll through this website, you’ll learn a good deal about who we are, what we do and why we do it. We’re open most days of the week by appointment. If you’d like to stop by, please give us a call in advance at 772-567-1233. We’re located just two blocks north of the Vero Beach main library, at 1550 24th Street. The coffee pot is always warm.

Our Mission
To provide individual and small group spiritual and holistic growth experiences leading to personal clarity, emotional empowerment, freedom and authenticity.

We Do This
in an ecumenical setting, through spiritual direction, psychological counseling and programs and services that strengthen the relationship between body, mind, spirit and creativity.

What We Do
Here’s an overview of our main areas of concentration and our activities. It doesn’t include every program or ongoing activity that takes place at the Center. For details of our day-to-day offerings, click here.

Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Direction involves a deeper relationship with the spiritual dimension of being human. It is the process of accompanying another on a spiritual journey, helping him/her find clarity, peace, compassion, empowerment and freedom. Our experienced staff has walked with hundreds of people on this journey. We offer both individual and group spiritual direction, a Lenten Retreat at home and various prayer experiences.

Psychological Counseling
Counseling helps people improve their well-being, alleviate distress, resolve crises, and increase their ability to live more satisfying lives. Meditation Garden at the Center for Spiritual CareCounseling psychology is unique in its attention to both normal developmental questions and problems associated with physical, emotional, and mental issues. We offer individual counseling sessions, relationship workshops, Enneagram certification training, support groups and other mental health services.

Body Work
Body work includes a variety of therapeutic techniques for restoring health and balance to the entire person. Massage therapists, yoga teachers and medical hypnotherapists provide services to help people embody their spiritual and psychological aspirations. Among our offerings, you will find healing meditation, yoga for cancer survivors, yoga for people with MS, reiki and massage.

The Arts and Creativity
Respected artists in many fields provide both quiet and lively creative environments that allow people to experience deep insights, empowerment and freedom. Among other things, we offer Icon Writing workshops, spiritually-themed art exhibits, the Artists Way and Spirituality and Aging courses.

Our Lecture Program
Qualified speakers appear regularly to discuss, among other things, the spirituality of different faith tradtions, for example: the Tao, Celtic spirituality, Zen, and Ignatian spirituality.

Other Resources At the Center for Spiritual Care

The Lending Library …a place to refresh the mind with the classics and contemporary thinking about spirituality.

The Meditation Garden …a place to refresh your spirit in nature.

Room Rentals ... a place to hold your meetings and classes (Download the rental agreement/application)